On Wednesday, July 4, 2012 1:11:35 PM UTC+2, Gaurav Goel wrote:
> Hi all,
> From the GIT console I am trying to do packaging and for that I need to 
> create a prototype file using pkgproto. But this utility is not listed and 
> it is showing command not found.
> Is there any way I can install this utility in GIT on windows platform?

I assume that you mean you are working in the Git Bash command line window 
that got installed along with Git for Windows (msysgit). 

This is just a shell similar to cygwin, and a pretty simple one at that. 
The only thing special about it is that the Git commands are available in 
it's PATH environment variable)<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PATH_(variable)>

You can't extend Git itself with other programs like this. What you 
probably mean is that you want to install this pkgproto on Windows, and 
then use it from some command line program like Git Bash.

>From what I can google about pkgproto, it seems like some Solaris tool, and 
I would assume that it does not run on Windows. 

If you do, however, already have it working from normal command line 
(Windows' cmd.exe), you can extend the $PATH variable in Git Bash to 
include the directory where pkgproto keeps its binaries (export 
PATH=$PATH:/path/to/pkgproto/bin or something like that). 

Or you could just keep up your normal way of using your tools, as the git 
repository's working tree is a simple directory you can access like any 
other using cmd.exe, Explorer and so on. Use Git Bash to clone, commit, and 
other Git stuff, and use your normal tooling for everything else.

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