> One thing I got aware of when I looked at the github network view it looks 
> like iss3168 was branched off master - but it should be branched off 
> update-2.0.2.
> Is it due to the lack of the github graph creation or do I have to wait 
> until I merge iss3168 back to the update-2.0.2 branch?
As long as *master* and *update-2.0.2* are in the same state, it will look 
like in your screenshot. This is because you are actually creating the 
branch *iss3168* based on the current latest *commit *(or head) of the 
branch *update-2.0.2*. 

This commit also happens to be the current head of branches *master *and *
update-2.0.1*, and therefore it looks like it's branched out from either of 

Instead of always waiting for the Github graph creation, you could also use 
some Git Gui program, or simply the ascii-tree output of git log in the 
command line like this:

git log --all --graph --oneline

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