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lei yang <yanglei.f...@gmail.com> wrote:

> As the title, thanks in advance
Please try to rephrase as it appears you're using wrong terminology.

A tree is a collection of files.  For instance, each commit refers to a
tree which captures the state of files that commit refers to.
Hence the statement "a branch from another tree" has no sence: trees do
not have branches, repositories do.
So did you mean branch instead?

Next, what do you mean by using the "add ... branch .. to ... branch"
statement?  You can't "add" two branches, this has no sense.
Did you mean merging?  Or what?

I can try to guess you wanted one of these:
1) Make a certain branch from a certain (remote) repository to appear in
   your local repository.
2) Merge a certain branch from a certain (remote) repository with one
   of the branches in your local repository?

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