On 07/08/12 11:13, Lars Pensjö wrote:
> I think this is a common problem. You have changes in the code 
> that you do not want to check in. I use "git gui" for this. It is
> easy to select what hunks, or even individual lines, that shall
> be included in the index.

As mentioned, I currently just use "add -p" to stage everything but
the designated sections.  It's what made my shift from "what the
heck is this annoying Index thing" to "oh, now I can't go back to
using other [DC]VCS tools without this".  It's also not overly
onerous on a case-by-case basis but after several hundred checkins,
it's gotten a tad tedious (the alternative is forgetting and then
having the pointless change show up in the revision history that
gets pushed to SVN).

> It is not an automated solution, but it is quick, flexible and
> easy enough for me.

However, I was hoping for some method of marking the file (or
perhaps an add/commit hook) that would allow me to automatically
ignore a section of code every time without manual intervention.


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