On Saturday, July 7, 2012 4:16:57 PM UTC+2, lei yang wrote:

> but when I patch with the patches I find it patch failed due to commit 
> "447d77b9e33a68f748c96a152eae19148e43ed7c" content 
> has been in the denizl branch even denzil has no 
> commit"447d77b9e33a68f748c96a152eae19148e43ed7c" ,I find the root 
> casues is 
> denizl has the commit "15c8ea4d35edbcaf03c94aba06ded85851679157" which 
> is the same as "447d77b9e33a68f748c96a152eae19148e43ed7c" in 
> master branch 

How about you just skip applying the patch 
for commit"447d77b9e33a68f748c96a152eae19148e43ed7c" then? Can't you just 
delete the patch from the set before applying?

My quesion is how could I get the commit list that has not the 
> duplicated content 
You can see which commits from master have already been merged upstream 
with *git cherry*. Commits that have not been merged are denoted with +. 
and commits that have already been applied with a - (minus).

git checkout master
git cherry denzil | grep "\- "

You could use this to filter out your rev-list.

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