I'm trying a migration from cvs to git. Just before, I tag the CVS repo 
with a "special_tag_before_import".
I used the cvs2git utility. I have now a correct git repo with all history.

For historical reasons, the CVS repo was complex. There were the main trunk 
and a special TRUNC branch. Some files have been putted in the main trunk, 
some others in the specific one. But all the files were needed to work, as 
if they were in the same branch. In fact, people were using tags to 
checkout all the files  without branch specification.

For example, in a Inc folder, there were Black.h file and Batch.h file, but 
they were coming from different branches.

Now, using git, I clone the git repo to do some work.
To be sure to have all files in my clone, I do a git checkout 
"special_tag_before_import" then I modify the above files, for example, and 
I commit them. The push says "Everything up-to-date"....

So, in my mind, I say : OK, the origin is not in the same checkout state... 
So, I do the checkout "special_tag_before_import" in the first git repo, 
and redo a clone like that....
In this 2nd clone, after commiting some "tests modifications", the push 
says "Everything is up to date"...

So, where is my fault ?


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