Hi, sorry for not replying any more. I managed to lose track of this thread.

I'm afraid I still don't quite understand, although I didn't have quite the 
time to read properly through your explanation.

There are still a lot of confusing terms in there that don't fit with my 
typical "Git language", so let me try at another interpretation. 

As it is often easier to solve a problem by first splitting it into several 
smaller isolated problems, I'll exclude the fact that you want this in a 
submodule. A submodule is just a link to a commit in another Git repository 
in the end, so I'm not sure if that's a relevant factor for this question. 
We can come back to it later anyhow.

*You want a repository clone that only has knowledge of a few branches.*

Does maybe this recipe [1] establish that kind of repository you want? 

If this does not help you, could you perhaps try saying on a higher level 
what you are actually trying to achieve without going into concrete Git 
details? Perhaps someone has a better idea of an approach to suit your 


On Monday, July 16, 2012 11:27:47 AM UTC+2, Nedvajz wrote:
> Do you understand what i mean? Is there any solution, or not? 
> Thanks for reply;)
> On Friday, 29 June 2012 16:13:09 UTC+2, Nedvajz wrote:
>> Hi,
>> is there a way, how to pull/clone (somehow) only commits of one, and only 
>> one branch? 
>> For example:
>> 1) Lets say i have 3 branches in one submodule. Master(commits 1,2,3,4) , 
>> Project1(commits 1,2,3,4,5) , Project2(commits 1,2,3,4,6,7,8).
>> 2) I am starting with Project3 and wanna to get submodule Master branch 
>> only -> "git submodule add --only_specific_branch_commits
>> http://example.com/submodule.git";
>> 3) Now i will look into submodule, and "git branch -v" will show me only 
>> master, and as well "git branch -vr" show me only origin/master ...
>> And if i will try to git cherry-pick 5 on Master branch-> where 5 is 
>> commit of Project1 only, there wont be any entry in history or so -> so it 
>> fails
>> Why I am looking for something like this? 
>> We have cms for making Sites composed from submodules and via sumbodules 
>> we can easily modificate what cms can/cant. 
>> But always is there needed to specify one of plugins directly for that 
>> project and there are changes useless for another projects. 
>> So we made it till now via specific branch to get exactly what we need. 
>> But after many and many projects, the repo of the most specified 
>> plugins(modules) is going to be huge and it is not needed at all to get all 
>> commits of all projects into new one, but just the clean master branch with 
>> their commits.
>> Thanks for any help, Nedvajz. 

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