I'm quite a git beginner. I'm still evaluating git with git-svn v1.7.1 on 
I think I found a bug in git mergetool, but as I'm a beginner I'm not sure.

Looking around, It looks that the bug is similar to the one reported here: 

But the bug reproduction script works for me (meaning the bug was corrected)

I couldn't create a bug reproduction script, but here are the details I can 

I use a .gitignore set to * to ignore everything. I have to use git add -f 
to add files

I wanted to make a partial commit to svn (I'm using git svn)
I had to create a stash with git stash to make the git svn dcommit
But I also had to rebase because of remote modifications.
When I popped the stash back there were conflicts.

I used git mergetool (with kdiff3) to resolve the conflicts.
At the end of the conflict resolution, mergetool says that it can't add 
ignored files, and it must use the -f flag to git add (I don't have the 
exact message) The merge had no effects.
The workaround was to empty the .gitignore file, then launch mergetool 

I tried to reproduce the problem, but popping a stash after a branch merge 
seems to work (the mergetool works as expected)
So the problem looks related to git svn.

Hope this helps.


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