On Monday, July 16, 2012 4:32:59 PM UTC+2, Nedvajz wrote:
> The link you posted is almost what i want. 
> So this i my last try of explain what i am looking for:
> 1) I want to *clone* only part of some repository and made new one.
> This new repo will have only master branch even if the origin has more 
> branches.
> This new repo will have only commits of the master branch even if the 
> origin has more commits of other branches. (the new repo will be smaller in 
> size = number of commits).
> 2) I wont lose ability work with old repo. 
> Push/Pull to/from origin master branch.
> Making new branches in new repo, and pull them onto origin repo.
> 3) But till I directly set (somehow) this new git repo. It wont fetch any 
> new branches and/or get any commits which doesnt belong to master branch 
> from origin repo.
> So I make summary. The link you posted allow me work like i want, but it 
> works with basic repo. I need this to work *on* *submodules*.
> So when I will work with project, and make changes in submodules and then 
> I will clone whole project somewhere and run "git submodule update" all 
> submodules will fetch only needed branch with its commits only(like it is 
> in link, but for *submodule here*)
> Thanks for you patience!

Sounds pretty straight forward: Set up a bare repository that tracks only 
one branch like in the link described, and then link it in as a submodule, 
the same way you would do with any submodule:

git clone original masteronly-bare.git
cd masteronly-bare.git
git branch -D unwanted-branch-A
git branch -D unwanted-branch-B
git gc --prune=now  #removes the now unreferenced commits

Now, go into your other repo where you want the submodule with the single 

cd ../super-repo
git submodule add ../masteronly-bare.git submoduleX

Now you can push changes in the submodule back to the branchless-bare.git:

cd submoduleX
git checkout master
echo foo >> work.txt
git commit -am "Working in master"
git push origin master

And when you want to sync the changes back to the original repo with all 
the branches, pull from the branchless-bare:

cd ../../original/
git remote add bb ../masteronly-bare.git
git checkout master
git pull bb master

Recap: Only your *original* repo is now aware of all the branches. In the 
super-repo, as well as in the masteronly-bare, there is no knowledge of the 
"secret" branches, but you can still pull commits in master back to the 
original via the masteronly-bare repository.

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