On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 01:31:53PM -0700, durium wrote:

> I was wondering if it was possible for git to automatically commit a file 
> with the same commit message.
> As a matter of fact, i work with code::blocks and this one generates .cbp & 
> .layouts file those are files that should be included in the project 
> (especially cbp files).
> However, those files are often changed  (especially layout files) and don't 
> need anything else than the same message (especially layout files).
> Thus my question !

There's no such thing as "committing a file" in Git.
Commits are made of arbitrary changes to arbitrary files.
Which changes made to which files will comprise the next commit, is
decided by the user each time the commit is being prepared.
So your question per se does not make much sense.

If you really meant a very narrow use case (you have a clean work tree,
then you run something wich regenerates a set of files, then you want to
commit *only the changes to these files* with a fixed commit message)
then it's a perfect case for a script or a Git alias.

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