On Thursday, July 19, 2012 8:34:50 AM UTC+2, Gabby Romano wrote:
> Thanks Tomas.
> my svn structure is  trunk/branches/tags based, although I don't need it 
> like that in git.
> lets say I am pulling from 
> https://svn.isr.hp.com/rg0202/alm/horizon/trunk(since I need only trunk's 
> history and not all other branches). that gives 
> me history only as far as May 2012, when this branch was created. I would 
> like it to go further back as I see it in svn when I ask to see older 
> revisions.
> this branch came out from another branch, which came from another and so 
> on. I wanted to to fetch from a certain revision somewhere along this path.
> what you are saying is that I need to do it in chunks and stitch it 
> together to a one big happy git repository afterward ? isn't any other 
> clever way for this ?
> is pulling with -s will give me any advantage towards achieving this ?  
Yes, this should track history throughout your different branches. Make 
sure that you point to the base-path of the layout like this:

git svn clone -s https://svn.isr.hp.com/rg0202/alm/horizon/trunk

You can delete the other branches afterwards if you don't want to keep 
them. If they contain history of the trunk, you have to include them if you 
want the entire history, of course.

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