Instead of "git rm" I removed files in local copy using a non-git external 
application. How to sync files from github again? Looks like git will 
download only changes from what was downloaded before and doesn't recognize 
files no longer exist locally.

Have tried "git reset --hard master" and "git clean -df" but still results 
in error when trying to "git fetch branch gh-pages" (fatal: 'branch' does 
not appear to be a git repository). Have verified gh-pages branch exists on 

I seem to be able to be able to query the remote server for branches and 
use checkout to switch to the gh-pages branch but am then stuck.

Speculate I need to know where local git repo exists so I might start with 
a clean slate, but I've found that local tracking seems to be stored not in 
the .git subfolder of the local repo copy but somewhere else. Am reluctant 
to remove my global config although I suppose that should be easy to copy 
and re-enter.

Hoping for guidance how to recover from this dumb act, but I suppose could 
be useful of the local copy gets corrupted somehow also.
There is very little history on this machine so can pave and re-build git 
if that's the easiest way (although prob least educational).


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