Johannes Müller <> writes:

Hi Johannes,

> Even though, I could not find this feature with git. Is there a
> general problem with implementing this approach? How do you deal with
> this problem?

I store some confidential information on a private git repository on
some server.  Even though it's private, the files are all GPG encrypted
anyway, just in case someone hijacks the server.

That works ok for me, but of course it has a major drawback which is not
specific to git.  Every change to the decrypted file completely changes
the encrypted file, thus diffs you'd get from "myvcs diff file@rev1
file@rev2" are merely huge, uncomprehensible binary blobs.  Thus you
also cannot use any merge thingy for those files.  If you'd really
needed to, you'd have to clone the relevant branches separately, and use
diff/patch against the decrypted files manually.

But when you just want to have a backup of all previous versions of your
configuration files, then this might be a viable approach.


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