I've been using git for a while but am fairly new to setting up a central 
shared point like gitolite.
I am able to arbitrarily create small repository but have run into trouble 
migrating existing repositories to gitolite. This seems entirely due to a 
combination of two things. Very large individual files in the history, 
binary and text files (such as mysql dumps), and the lack of swap space on 
my inMotion VPS. The VPS should have 1G memory with about 700MB free at any 
given time.

When I create a new repository on the server and clone to my desktop all is 
well. When I experimented with progressively larger file sizes, it breaks 
unrecoverably (as far as I can tell) when I get to 1GB text file sizes. 
Once I get to that size, I get out of memory errors when cloning and bad 
pack errors when pushing.

I have tried all manner of sizes for the pack.windowMemory, pack.threads, 
pack.window, depth, deltaCacheSize packedGitWindowSize etc.
I have spent all of this past week researching and have found nothing that 
Can anyone suggest something that, perhaps I have not tried? 

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