After doing a merge of 2 branches in a Delphi project I get some merge 
Some I understand are clearly conflicts as they are simply adverse. But 
many look like this example:

  <<<<<<< HEAD
+     Button13: TButton;
+     IBCustomerISACTIVE: TIBStringField;
+     DBCheckBox5: TDBCheckBox;
+     DBCheckBox6: TDBCheckBox;
+     IBStationISACTIVE: TIBStringField;
+     IBAccountISACTIVE: TIBStringField;
+     DBCheckBox7: TDBCheckBox;
+     IBCustomerSHOWPRICE: TIBStringField;
+     DBCheckBox8: TDBCheckBox;
  >>>>>>> 51ae5a7d04e585b6785b4c5d0e84114298408a27

So my question is: what is conflicting here? Why does git not just copy the 
added lines of the second branch into HEAD?


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