On 07/24/12 12:07, Graham Jans wrote:
> On Tuesday, 24 July 2012 04:37:47 UTC-7, Tim Chase wrote:
>> $ touch "a 1.txt" 
>> $ touch "a 2.txt" 
>> $ touch '"a 3.txt"' 
>> $ git add "a 1.txt" 
>> $ git status --porcelain 
>> A  a 1.txt 
>> ?? "\"a 3.txt\"" 
>> ?? a 2.txt 
>> ========================================================== 
> Yeah, so in your case, the behavior is at least consistent: it doesn't put 
> quotes around filenames in spaces in either the 'a 1' or 'a 2' case. (In 
> the case of 'a 3'... that's just odd, I've never seen anyone put quotes 
> _in_ a filename before! ;) )

I believe that on Posix systems, any ASCII character other than "/"
and NUL can appear in a filename, so it can create all manner of
problems when your filename has sociopathic newlines, tabs, escape
(gotta love ANSI escape sequences in filenames), quotes, backticks, etc.


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