On Saturday, 28 July 2012 06:18:24 UTC+1, Owen Densmore wrote:
> I'm setting up a github repo and would prefer my local git file system to 
> be in my dropbox file system.
> Is there any reason this would be a bad idea?
>    -- Owen

I would strongly advise against this. We get quite a few people on the #git 
IRC channel who have had Dropbox corrupt their repo. It seems it has a 
habit of zeroing or deleting objects, leaving the repo in an unrecoverable 

To be fair, we haven't had (that I've seen) someone with this issue for a 
few months, so Dropbox might have fixed their issues. However, I'd still 
urge extreme caution. 

Cloud storage services such as Ubuntu One appear to have this problem also.


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