On Saturday, 28 July 2012 15:48:04 UTC+1, Trans wrote:
> Somehow I have branch that was supposed to be a tag. Not sure how it ever 
> became a branch, but now that I have discovered it I am wondering, how do I 
> convert the branch into a tag?
> Since the name will be the same for both the branch and the tag, I assume 
> I can just checkout the branch and tag it.
> So now I am thinking I have to delete the branch, but remember its ref id, 
> checkout the ref id, and then tag it. Is that right? Any other (easier) way?
Something like the following will work fine:

First, create a new tag called <name> at the same point as the branch <name>

    git tag <name> <name> 

Then delete the branch called <name>

    git branch -d <name> # You might need -D here

Hope that helps,

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