On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 5:01:50 PM UTC+2, coccinelle wrote:
> I restarted Git Bash (I see, it is necessary). Git doesn't complain any 
> more, but does not write in the file where it looks later.
> After playing around with, I have now 3 config files: C:\Program 
> Files\Git\etc\gitconfig, and two in my home directory: gitconfig and 
> .gitconfig (with and without dot in the beginning). The latter one 
> appeared at some point, when I was setting HOME manually to my home drive.
> I edited the user information in all three files manually. Git seems to 
> look only in C:\Program Files\Git\etc\gitconfig . If the information is 
> in this file, everything is fine. If not, I get the message "tell me who 
> you are", independently of the information in the other files.

I would find it very odd if Git creates the .gitconfig file without using 
it thereafter.

You should retrace your steps to see with under which exact settings the 
.gitconfig gets created in your home-dir, and then, using git config -l, 
see if changes in the .gitconfig file in your home-dir has any effect. 

Keep in mind that git config -l will output the *sum *of configuration 
entries, including both the ones in home-dir and in etc/gitconfig.

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