Hello guys, i installed a git server in CENTOS with cpanel in dedicated 
I can clone and push without problem in ssh://

But when a I tried to push from http:// i´m geting a fatal error:

# git 
clone http://d...@www.exemplo.com.br/repositorio/restrito/livrodigital.git
* The requested URL returned error: 500
* Closing connection #0
error: The requested URL returned error: 500 while accessing 
fatal: HTTP request failed

*In Apache acess.log nothing showing.*
*In Apache error.log:*
suexec policy violation: see suesec log for more details
Premature end of script headers: git-http-backend

*In Apache suesec_log*
uid: (503/username) gid: (501/username) cmd: git-http-backend
error: target uid/gid (503/501) mismatch with directory (0/0) or 
program0/0) or trusted user (0/10)

Any one know how could i fixed this?

Thanks very much.

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