On Thursday, August 9, 2012, THUFIR HAWAT <hawat.thu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I think that I do want to zap the master branch; git reset --hard origin
will delete everything in origin, or just everything in master on origin?
In this case, I'm using github.

'git reset' always affects the branch you have checked out, not anything on
the remote.  What it does is *move* the current branch pointer.

In Git, history is represented as a graph of commits, and a branch or a tag
is a pointer to a particular commit.  If your history looks like this:

7daf362 *   [master]
3b1d46c | * [other-branch]
        | |\
        |/ /
c516377 | *
8c5c842 * |

and you have 'master' checked out, then after you run 'git reset c516377'
it will look like this:

3b1d46c *   [other-branch]
c516377 | * [master]
8c5c842 * |

7daf362 is still recoverable from the reflog for (by default) at least 90
days, but but eventually it will be deleted by the garbage collector.

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