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  Subject: [git-users] Server Error or User Error?

  Tried to create a repository on a network drive which caused git to freeze. 
Always froze on the "git add ." command. Worked fine on the local machine.

  Is this likely an issue wither permissions or something on the server side? 
Or am I missing something fundamental about git?

Some network file systems (e.g. NFS) are known to be poor for hosting a master 
git repo in this way. Have a search of the lists for comments about NFS. 

If you can, set up a server so that you can also add hooks and provide 
aditional management (& backups) of that master repo. (Not always posssible in 
some managed environments;-)


  I'd like to create a master repository on a network drive then have multiple 
developers clone the master and work locally...(that's how this is supposed to 
work right?)



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