I'm new to the group but have been using git for a while.  I have a 
question about rebasing and tags.  We have a bridge which we use to bridge 
a svn repository with a git repository using a script that is run on a 
regular basis.  This bridging script fetches changes from a remote git 
repository and rebases each fetch-head in turn onto the svn branch.

I would like to reliably carry over the tags from the fetch branches to the 
respective branches that I'm going to dcommit.  I thought I could do a 
rev-list checking the tree-hash of the commit and making sure that they are 
the same for the commit on the fetch-line with the one on the branch I'm 
rebasing onto.  But for some reasons, git svn might be part of it, this 
isn't reliable.

How can I determine which commits correspond to the tagged commits on the 
fetch branch (I'm doing a manual rebase -onto at the moment)? Or even 
perform a rebase where the tags get copied across? 

Is there an easier way that getting deeper into the rebase command itself?

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