I'll take Drupal as the exmple for my first question. We have a drupal
instance with a custom theme and many downloaded modules. We have a server
used as the source code repo.
The current workflow of work on the dev instance of drupal then migrate the
changes over to test. Once clients test it out and like the changes move
them to production.
- Should I place the whole drupal dir in git? or theme+plugins? or just the
One advantage of placing the whole instance is i can easily clone the
changes on prod and it would look identical to dev and test.

Second question is when we do local customization to the product's core
code (let's take DSpace as an example). We get version 1.6 and do local
changes and keep them in our repo. Then when they release the version 1.7
I have to get that and merge my local changes to that. How do I get 1.7?
Can i get in to a branch?

What the best practice in these situations.

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