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> Maybe something like
> Create initial version of class file or files “maybe even empty files”
> then use git add and git commit to store them in the repo and finally git
> notes to add the description.****
> ** **
> Since I mainly use git with drupal and just need to record when I create a
> site specific folder or add / update a module I have a very basic working
> knowledge of git. Based on how I interpret the below excerpt from the
> git-notes man page I think the above would work as long as there is not a
> commit between the initial addition/commit of the class files and the note.
> ****
> ** **
> This is from the git-notes man page at kernel.org****
> A typical use of notes is to supplement a commit message without changing
> the commit itself. Notes can be shown by *git log* along with the
> original commit message.****
> ** **
> Yes, that's all decent, but I'm trying to create a habitual methodology
about the documentation of files so that it helps the community as standard
practice.  The perfect place is really on the git add command line.  I
would suggest it at the main dev list, but I recently signed on and have
established any status there....  So will wait...


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