tl;dr version: diff.{type}.xfuncname starts searching backwards in
from the beginning of the hunk, not the first differing line.

  $ mkdir tmp
  $ cd tmp
  $ git init
  $ cat > foo.c <<EOF
  int call_me(int maybe)

  int main()
  $ git add foo.c
  $ git commit -m "Initial checkin"
  $ ed foo.c
  # main() should return 0
    return 0;
  $ git diff

The diff returns a header line of

  @@ -4,4 +4,5 @@ int call_me(int maybe)

   int main()
  +  return 0;

misleadingly suggesting that the diff occurred in the call_me()
function, rather than in main()

I'm running from Debian Stable if that makes a difference.

Is this expected/proper behavior?


FWIW, I stumbled across this tinkering with
diff.{typename}.xfuncname detailed in gitattributes(5)

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