On Tue, 21 Aug 2012 10:51:16 +0200
Maciej Kołek <kont...@ferus.info> wrote:

> Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this question - but i would like
> to know the Git Font, that is in the logo.
> I want to make a Git cheat sheet mug, with the text written in Polish:
> "Git jest Git" and all i need is the "jest" text made out of git font.
> "Git" in common polish language means "cool, super, awesome".
> So the translation is quite like: "Git is awesome".

According to [1], the new Git logo was designed by Jason Long, who
seems to be available as [2] (this also has twitter link), [3] etc.
So I'd just try to reach that person by e-mail and ask.
It might turn out that there's no specific font and the logo text has
been sketched right away, but possibly you could then convince Jason to
create several pictures specifically for usage on mugs. ;-)

1. https://github.com/blog/1125-new-git-homepage
2. http://dribbble.com/jasonlong
3. https://github.com/jasonlong

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