I've been playing around with trying to keep some basic bug and
feature-request tracking information in git alongside my project and
was wondering how other folks have been doing this.  My current
workflow is something like

 1) alongside my src/ and docs/ directories, create a todo/
directory containing done/ features/ and bugs/ sub-directories

 2) In the todo/{bugs,features}/ keep a _template.txt (or
_template.html or _template.md) to hold the basic information about
the ticket.  Things I currently try to remember to gather:
  - if it's a bug, SHA1 in which a bug was found
  - a description of the bug/feature
  - bug/feature submitter/requester
  - a log of any discussion on the topic

 3) copy the template to a semi-descriptive, generally unique
file-name for the bug/feature, fill out the template, and add/commit
the file.

 4) additional edits to the bug/feature can be made and
added/committed, and history retained; if there are attachments to
the bug/feature, create a subdirectory and put the files in there

 5) as bugs/features are completed, the commit SHA1 is added to the
bug/feature file, they're "git mv"ed into the todo/done/ directory

Features I like about the above:
 + pretty simple
 + it keeps a log of completed bugs/features
 + bugs/features get pushed/pulled with the rest of the repo
 + bugs/features can be associated with a branch and merge boringly
 + files can be attached by making subdirs
 + pending bugs/features are just an "ls" away
 +/- native git+editor, nothing extra to install

Features I *don't* like about the above:
 - doesn't have integration with commits for closing bugs/features
 - the contents of bug/feature files are somewhat ad-hoc
 - a modest bit of manual work to maintain (see above about extra
installs...it's nice not to have to install anything, but if the
something made it a lot easier, I'd be interested). I've seen, but
not kicked the tires on [1]

So what are other folks using for distributed tracking of bugs/features?


[1] If anybody has toyed with these, I'd love to hear their thoughts
& comparisons:
https://github.com/schacon/ticgit/wiki/ (unmaintained now)

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