I have two Git repositories which I'll call *A* and *B*. Repo *B* happens 
to be a submodule of Repo *A*.

Repo *B* is chock full of binary files that I'd like to wipe from history. 
(These are private repos so I won't be screwing anyone else up by changing 
history.) I can easily run a branch-filter command to erase those files 
from repo *B*'s history. That's not my problem.

My problem is that, after running branch-filter on repo *B*, thousands of 
commits in repo *A* will now point to (now-invalid) commits in repo *B*.

So my question is: How do I modify the history of repo *A* so that each 
commit of repo *A* points to the correct commit of repo *B*, after having 
run branch-filter on repo *B*?

Thanks for your help!


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