Git-gui version: 0.15.GIT GUI
git version: 1.7.11.mysysgit.0
Platform: Windows 7
New to Git I have created a project on GitHub (https://github.com) on which 
I succesfully created a repository 
and could check in my changes from this Computer (A)
Then I moved to another computer (B) and cloned the archive from GitHub to 
the new computer, made changes and checked in the new changes.
However, I went back to the first computer (A) and do not know how I update 
the the archive on this computer with the changes that is on GitHub ?
I can not find anything in the Git Gui that "sync/update" the repository on 
the computer with the repository on the GitHub.
I also checked the documentation of the Git but it seems that such simple 
use case is not described.
I tried to open the Git Bash, changed to the archive directory and used 
"git fetch https://github.com/....git"; but no success, 
the files locally stored on computer A is not updated with the repository 
that is stored on GitHub
I can see the new files on https://github.com that I checked in from 
Computer B but they are not copied to computer A.
Is it really so that I have to remove the directory on computer A and then 
"clone the archive" to get an updated version ?

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