Been using git (with GitHub) for awhile now but I have to admit I've never 
really gotten over the cvs & svn mind set of the local repo. 

I've been on a project for awhile and have not really needed to use 
branches but I have been working on my local repo for awhile and have not 
pushed up the to GitHub and I realized that this really is a moment where I 
need to branch.  But having not done it in Git I'm not sure what the normal 
process is.  I think what I want to do is create a branch of the local work 
that has been checked in but I can not get my head around what I need to 
do.  Do I create a local branch of all changes since the last remote sync 
and then push this feature branch up to GitHub where I can do a pull 
request?  What is the process that anyone would recommend.  I'm really all 
ears here!

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