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> is there any way to include empty folders when i git commit without
> adding a file (like .gitignore or .gitkeep) ?
> As long as i know there is no official way to do this.
Impossible [1].

> But, is this something it can be implemented maybe in a future
> version ?
Unlikely.  The original design decision (and hence the official
stance of the core Git developers) is that "Git tracks content,
not files".  Hence it does not even really track files (I mean,
Git does not put special sense into the names of the files it
tracks, which is in stark contrast to, say, Subversion) but
rather the contents of those files -- for instance, the fact
the file has been renamed in a commit is not recorded in that
commit in any way (`git mv` is just a convenience command,
it does nothing really special).  Looks like tracking empty
directories would mean actually paying attention to their names --
something Git does not do by design.

Note that messing with placeholder files is not the only way
to maintain empty directories: some people think this is better
implemented as a part of the project's build framework.

1. https://git.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/GitFaq#Can_I_add_empty_directories.3F

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