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maxhodges <m...@whiterabbitpress.com> wrote:

> When I enter "sudo adduser git" 
> i get "radd git "sudo: useradd: command not found" 
>  when I enter "whereis adduser" I get /usr/sbin/adduser but I can't
> switch to it  root@431901-web1 [/usr/sbin]$ cd adduser bash: cd:
> adduser: Not a directory when I do a ls I see it has an @ after it
> adduser@ what does the @ mean? is there any workaround? I have root
> access, but I'm not a pro unix guy... 
Well, adduser is a debianism so you're supposedly running Debian or one
of its flavors such us Ubuntu.

adduser is a program, so the result of `whereis adduser` is the full
path to a *file*; obviously, attempt to cd to a file tells you it's not
a directory.

Next, useradd is located in the "passwd" package, observe:
% dpkg -S /usr/sbin/useradd
passwd: /usr/sbin/useradd

Note that this package has the required priority, so if you really miss
the useradd program, your system appears to be seriously hosed.

Try # apt-get install --reinstall passwd adduser

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