On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 06:49:31PM -0700, Bryce Verdier wrote:

> If you still have the source directory around you should be able to cd into
> that directory and run "make clean".
Wrong.  `make clean` is about deleting compiled object files, binaries
and other generated stuff; deleting from the source directory, that is.
If a makefile implements a target which balances `make install`, it's
called "uninstall", so one could try running `make uninstall`.

> Not sure if git has this, but most makefiles do so I'm suggesting it did
> first. Let us know what happens.

In either case, installing from source should be the last resort.
If there's no way to create a package, at least a tool like checkinstall
should be used to generate a poor man's package out of `make install`
invocation, so that its results could be then reverted.

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