Hi all,

>From the gitattributes documentation :

> Interaction between checkin/checkout attributes
In the check-in codepath, the worktree file is first converted with filter 
> driver (if specified and corresponding driver defined), then the result is 
> processed with ident (if specified), and then finally with text (again, if 
> specified and applicable).
In the check-out codepath, the blob content is first converted with text, 
> and then ident and fed to filter.

So we have :
    check-in : INDEX ---> filter ---> ident ---> text ---> REPOSITORY
    check-out : REPOSITORY ---> text ---> ident ---> filter ---> WORKSPACE

*Questions :*
*Are filter, ident, text identical*, in the meaning I can wire anything to 
any of them ? So they have been name like this for easier workflow 
understanding and set-up, but they could have been named anything as 
filter1, filter2, filter3 ?

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