After hours of debugging with the help of charon and canton7 on the 
Freenode #git channel, we found one solution for this:

   1. The problem only happens on and possibly earlier. Thus try to 
   find or newer somewhere.
   2. Clone the repository on --bare format with git clone --bare 
   foo.git bar.git
   3. Try checking out bar.git using
   4. Observe that everything works fine now (!)

Note that local cloning works (git clone /blah/foo.git foo) but using 
file:/// or SSH protocols does *not*. So if cloning from a local path works 
for you, that doesn't mean you fixed the repository, you need to try 
through file:/// or SSH.

All of this is mostly relevant to Debian, since Debian stable (squeeze) at 
this time uses and testing (wheezy) uses

I have a copy of the broken repository and might be able to put together a 
list of all the (many, many!) things we tried to get to the actual root of 
the problem if anyone is interested. But in general, cloning to a new bare 
repository with a much newer git version could fix the issue for you.



On Thursday, September 20, 2012 4:56:42 PM UTC+2, Ramón Cahenzli wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have an issue cloning a repository's master branch on any new machine. 
> Machines that had an old clone of the same repository have no problem with 
> the master branch.
> When cloning, I get the fatal error "Trying to write ref refs/heads/master 
> with nonexistant object 38eca7173be01a36ef03ebcf75732eba32e4038d" and git 
> immediately deletes the target directory of the clone. However, all objects 
> seem to be transmitted:
> remote: Counting objects: 45900, done.
> remote: Compressing objects: 100% (14129/14129), done.
> remote: Total 45900 (delta 30836), reused 44791 (delta 30042)
> Receiving objects: 100% (45900/45900), 52.81 MiB | 18.27 MiB/s, done.
> Resolving deltas: 100% (30836/30836), done.
> error: refs/remotes/origin/master does not point to a valid object!
> error: Trying to write ref refs/heads/master with nonexistant object 
> 38eca7173be01a36ef03ebcf75732eba32e4038d
> fatal: Cannot update the ref 'HEAD'.
> And when we look at the repository on the server, the object is there:
> Output of ls -l ./objects/38/eca7173be01a36ef03ebcf75732eba32e4038d
> -r--r----- 1 gitolite gitolite 191 Sep 20 15:45 
> ./objects/38/eca7173be01a36ef03ebcf75732eba32e4038d
> Output of git cat-file -p 38eca7173be01a36ef03ebcf75732eba32e4038d
> tree 8edd1a6a3d9b309402edcde6f49526400a0ac487                             
> parent 846c4b22ea89475cb70ca0bfe1e67b84f4118c0c                           
> author Ramón Cahenzli <censored> 1348148745 +0200                         
> committer Ramón Cahenzli <censored> 1348148745 +0200                     
> ApiGen: No need to check for new versions.
> The git version on the server is, the client has, both on 
> Debian. We use gitolite 2.3 for those repositories, from Debian wheezy. We 
> haven't had issues like this on either GitHub or with plain SSH-based repos 
> (as in, no gitolite), so this might in fact be a gitolite issue, but 
> perhaps there is something obvious I'm missing?
> Cheers,
> Ramón

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