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What I'd like to do is have a copy of the code that always sits on a shared drive visible to multiple users. I have a situation where users who don't use
Git would like to occasionally view the code base without editing it.

Could I somehow have the centralized push/pull origin location display the

If no, would I need to write a script that runs every few minutes/hour(s) that
pulls from a shared drive and updates that copy of the code?

Any other suggestions?

I'm on a corporate Windows environment.

My approach (*) is that the network (mapped T:) drive is a live repo with "master" checked out, and that on my local machine (D:) I have a local clone, and I do not do any work on my local master other than pull and merge. I can push my branches to the network remote whenever required.

When required I can change to version everyone else sees on the network drive I can simply open that repo on the mapped drive (T:) and adjust (true merge or update a ref, etc) the master branch, and get time stamps etc to fit what other viewers expect. I'm now using git extensions and starting to show what I'm doing to those fellow engineers I feel could be influenced.

(*) my situation is that most folk simply use the network drive as a 'project drive' and have particular directories they tend to use (everyone on the team has r/w access), with occasional zips of versions. However I want to have the benefits of git, so I'm starting using it under the radar so to speak. As most users haven't changed their deafult windows settings, so don't see/notice the .git directory, nor the .gitignore, so don't immediately notice.

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