Hi Konstantin,

I have got your suggestion, and done the following:

   - created a topic branch
   - forked a develop branch from it
   - done all the development work, several commits saving all files,
sources and binaries
   - git checkout topic
   - git merge --squash --no-commit develop  (this avoids to move the
develop history to the topic)
   - git rm -r --cached *.<all binaries>
   - mv .git/info/exclude .git/info/exclude.save
   - put a line in .git/info/exclude: *.<all binaries>
   - git commit -m "some message"
   - mv .git/info/exclude.save .git/info/exclude
   - git push remote topic

This keeps a "clean" topic branch in which there are only source files
and a clean history, that can then be pushed to a public remote


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