On 26/09/2012 6:51 PM, Max Hodges wrote:
> Yes I don't disagree: that notion of locking a file makes no sense in Git. I 
> just wanted to
emphasis the importance for teams to stay in communication if they want
to reduce any annoying conflicts during merging because of this feature.
Just like when you're renovating a house, a little communication,
planning and some policies can prevent two or three people from painting
the same wall a different color at the same time. The nice thing about
Git is that the worse case scenario--where two people edited the same
code in some conflicting way--isn't really that big of a problem. You
just need to review and make some decisions.
>From my reading the Git way around this is to use delegates, i.e. if
there is a load of artwork than needs updating then the artwork
team/team member is delegated that area of the project, etc.


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