On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 9:00:31 PM UTC-7, Daniel P. Wright wrote:
> Hope that helped, and wasn't too long and rambly! 

Thank you for your thorough explanation. I understood the theory behind 
everything you said.  I need to gain some experience with the git config 
command so that I could make changes like this on my own and actually 
understand what I am doing.

While it makes sense that I should not perform a rebase of an "svn 
following branch" that will change history of stuff that has already been 
dcommited, I'm curious about what is the technical mechanism by which this 
will be prevented, assuming it is prevented.  For example, will git say to 
me "cannot rebase -- you will be changing history of stuff you already 
dcommit to svn".  Or will it be allowed and just somehow mess up the svn 
repo.  Or will the rebase succeed but the dcommit fail.  I'm going to find 
out the answers to these using the test repos I attached in my original 

Thanks again,


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