Does anyone know a consultant who could help train us a bit on Git? I 
thought I understood most of the basics, but something things get very 
confusing and we need some help sorting things out.

For example today we created a new branch and made some commits to it. But 
it shows that master is "identical" to this new branch, but in fact it 
should be "1 commit behind'. So it's as if whatever we commit to the new 
branch is also being committed to the branch called master. Maybe rebase 
has something to do with this? I read that rebase can "split" commits 
between branches:

I'm tempted to just delete my repo and start tracking these files from 
scratch because something it no longer makes sense to me. But would be nice 
if we can just straighten it out, so I don't have to lose my revision 

If I compare "master" and with my new branch ("search-label-issue") it 
shows the difference between them (one .css file was changed). So it knows 
that are different yet it says they are "identical" (instead of "1 commit 
behind") in the SmartGit branch switcher. That's screwed up!


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