There are only 2 kinds of branches, local and remote branches. Master is a 
local branch and coud be deleted or renamed or replaced by another branch 
like "i_am_the_main_branch". It is just project naming convention. 
Origin/master is a remote branch named master in the remote repository 
named origin. If you would rename your master branch into 
"i_am_the_main_branch" and add another branch like 
"i_am_the_development_branch" and someone would clone from your repository 
then the other person would see origin/i_am_the_main_branch and 

Short: master has no special meaning it is just a naming convention which 
can be changed from repo to repo/project to project.

But I don't know how it would be possible to create the same repo name on a 
remote repository multiple times.

Am Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012 11:12:20 UTC+2 schrieb maxhodges:
> Is master just a branch or is there anything special about it? If we 
> delete it, can we just create a new branch called master? Do we need to 
> Rebase to it or something to move the HEAD to it?
> Somethings weird happened and we're trying to make things right again. 
> Somehow I have two branches called "origin/master" 

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