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  Subject: [git-users] git-bisect creating modified files?

  Hi all,

  I'm having a strange issue with git-bisect, where the bisection process seems 
to create file modifications that prevent the process from continuing.  I 
posted the details on stackoverflow, but didn't get any answers:


  Any advice?  I'm happy to post the details here directly if that's easier.
Using your example as a 'who done it' mystery, and reading the man page in some 
detail, I think that what is happening is two issues:

First (which you may be aware of) is that the bisect command sequence requires 
you to manually go off and perform the tests of that checked out revision 
[compile, execute, test etc.] and then tell git if it was good or bad (so that 
git then knows which way to go within the bisect process). [Or you can use a 
'run' script]

Second, you have checked out a particular revision, which is different from the 
original revision. Now git has decided that, given it's updated state, that it 
should flag as a status that those files are 'modified', which suggests to me 
that something else has changed, such as the .gitignore file, or an excludes 
file, so that git status is using a different basis for its testing. Perhaps 
those file types are no longer in the revision's gitignore, so git wants to 
tell you that it sees them and that they are different (look new) from its 

Do a 'git diff' on those files to see what git thinks they used to be.



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