If you just want to back up your code base, then git may not be the right 
tool. But if you have ongoing development, it's a great tool. IMHO its 
biggest strength is the ability to create an experimental code branch, hack 
a bunch of changes in the branch and later decide either to merge the 
branch with the master code base or just abandon it and revert to the way 
things were before hacking.

It's also a great tool if there are multiple devs working on the same 

my .02

On Saturday, October 6, 2012 4:13:32 PM UTC-7, Shellback3 wrote:
> I'm programming using Eclipse Indigo on Linux, Ubuntu 11.10, mostly in 
> Java.  I have 4 imbedded computers 3 of which will operate headless 
> (clients) with one supplying the GUI for an operator (master).  The 
> computers will in turn control one or two high tech IR cameras in a 
> research environment. The master computer will send commands over a small 
> LAN to the clients and the clients will send status reports to the master. 
> All this will be mounted in an aircraft.  This is non-commercial.
> I also have an HP notebook that I've "repurposed" by installing Ubuntu for 
> use in the lab.  This is the only machine that has much disk space 
> available.
> Each of the machines will have base code that I hope will be identical 
> except that the master will start a GUI.  The code that actually controls 
> the individual cameras will be unique but since most of the functions will 
> not (setExposure, startImaging, etc.) except in the implementation, I hope 
> to be able to share/reuse code.
> I need to be able to back up code, a fall back copy and a central 
> repository, especially for the common code, is very desirable.  There will 
> be no internet access (except in the lab).
> I read a bit about Git today.  It appears that I may be able to use the HP 
> as the central repository/server, that the source code will remain on the 
> individual machines, but the HP can also serve as a backup.  I will 
> probably be the only programmer.
> Onto the main questions:
> Is Git a good solution for me?  I have a lot of code written, will there 
> be big problems getting it into Git?  I've been programming off an on for a 
> long time but have never used anything like Git.  Any advice would be 
> welcome.
> Some of the images from our old system:  
> fireimaging.com<http://www.fireimaging.com>
> TIA  Nate.

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