On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 01:01:03PM +0200, Kevin Wilson wrote:

> AFAIK, mutt is only command line client.
> Might someone happen to know:
> Is there some gui based Linux client with this functionality (by
> pressing a button)?

Certain MUAs are able to save selected messages to the so-called "UNIX
mailbox format" -- this is actually a plain-text format, which can be
consumed by `git am` directly.  The so-called ".eml" format is the same
thing under the hood.  So I doubt you can *directly* click something to
make the selected messages saved and piped through `git am`, but you can
do this in two steps.  As to support in clients, Sylpheed, which I
happen to use on Windows, is able to export to the mailbox format, and
Thunderbird is able to export to ".eml".

There's one another possible option: the Gnus mail client, which is a
package for Emacs, can be used with GUI version of Emacs.  Since Gnus is
highly scriptable by its very nature, I'm sure you could teach it to do
what you want, or google for an existing solution.

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