On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 12:18:10PM -0700, kramer.newsreader wrote:

> I did a git log and found this merge:
> commit 5f052c9b72f5f6306ee3702c66b6de701e36b06f
> Merge: 8100265 f645170
> Author: ...
> Date:   Wed Oct 17 12:50:38 2012 -0400
>     Merge remote-tracking branch 'gerrit/master' into nov2012
>     Conflicts:
> This is very confusing, since none of the conflicts were changed in the 
> local commit.
> Second, I was NOT trying to merge gerrit/master into nov2012, but rather 
> remotes/origin/nov2012 (the branch that the current branch was cloned from).
It's a bit strange to think that you told Git to merge A into B but it
merged B into A instead -- such a glaring bug would be ridiculously easy
to spot, so surely it's either due to your own mistake or you're using
some tool around Git which did something funky.

The second thing I which seems suspicious is your "I did a git log and
found this merge" sentence: conflicts occur only when merging, and
merging always occurs in a work tree or a local repository.  And Git
won't let you commit a tree which has unmerged paths.  I mean, I know of
no way to do a conflicting merge, force it to be committed and then only
discover the fact there were some conflicts from studying the `git log`
output -- this seems impossible.
You might be deluded by the *commit message* though since if a merge results
in conflicts, Git adds that "Conflicts: blah blah ..." chunk to its
pre-populated commit message despite the facts those conflicts were
(obviously) resolved.  This is a hint to help future debugging as
otherwise there's no information recorded in a commit about which paths
were in conflicted state right after merging happened.

Anyway, someone must have solved these conflicts when merging, so I
still don't understand your "This is very confusing ..." bit.

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