On Friday, October 19, 2012 3:44:54 PM UTC+2, João Moreno wrote:
> Hey,
> Is there any way to defined rule based ignore rules like the such: "ignore 
> *.js if there is a *.ts file in the same directory, and with the same 
> basename"?
> For example, in a CoffeeScript project one can have compiler generated 
> JavaScript files as well as manually written JavaScript files:
> banana.coffee
> banana.js
> apple.js
> Is there a way to have git automatically ignore banana.js?
> Is this a feature worth pushing forward for?

Keeping your generated sources together with your hand-written sources 
sounds messy. 

I'd think that your feature would be confusing and intrusive for the 
participants of such a project. If they wanted to clean up old generated 
javascript files, they'd have to do complicated rm -rf *.js commands under 
certain directories.

Most projects designate a 'target' or 'build' directory where generated 
resources are output (together with minified JS, compiled resources, 
packaged artifacts, etc). This is a very practical convention as it is (a) 
easily recognizable for team members, (b) straight forward to remove when 
doing some local cleanup, and (c) easy to ignore in .gitignore.

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