Hi folks,

there is some nice feature in bash if I would like to run next command with 
last executed commands arguments *$(history -p !!:2*)*:
So for example:
I have alias in .bashrc *alias ll="ls -la $(history -p !!:2*)"*
>* ls dev prod*
> *ll*
*ls -la dev prod*

So this expanding dont seems to work in .gitconfig. If I use *da =!"git add 
$(history -p !!:2*)"*, git says unable to expand !!:2*.
My use case is, after I ran *git diff test.py test1.py* and checked all 
changes stage only this files, so I should then run *git add test.py 
test1.py*. Instead I'd like to run* git ad*.

Thanks for help!

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