On Wed, 24 Oct 2012 23:05:25 +0900
Max Hodges <m...@whiterabbitpress.com> wrote:

> we are using https://bitbucket.org/ for our server.
> it's definitely much faster than command-line operations for adding
> files, staging, commits, merges, conflict solving, switching
> branches, etc. but I understand some people are just purists or enjoy
> commands because it makes them feel like a hacker or something ;)
I think you're not getting it: the OP's original requirement was to be
able to check out a branch out of a bare repo hosted on a server he has
access to (supposedly via SSH).  Hence it's more a question about
deployment or last-moment fixes rather than about how to be more
productive when managing code using Git.

As to "much faster than ...", you sound like a religious zealot, sorry.

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