On Friday, October 26, 2012 7:49:52 PM UTC+2, Joe Cabezas wrote:

> hahaah thanks thomas, too bad that google-groups seems not like your 
> replys :(
> that's a good approach, i just commited the changes.... show the last 
> commit to a colleague, and then use: git reset, and viola, all again as 
> uncomitted... is that ok?

Sure, that's easier for most cases. 

One exception though: If you are in the middle of a larger staging process 
using git add (-p), and someone suddenly asks you to share your local 
changes, then the separate repo approach will not disturb your staging 
progress. If you commit and reset in your working repo, you have to start 
adding from scratch again. 

But in practice I guess that won't be a problem very often.

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